Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Something Borrowed.....Literally

I went and saw the movie Something Borrowed recently. I thought it was a cute movie and all but pretty predictable. There are a lot of cute fling movies out there and this one just adds to the list. Now, there are a couple of those types of movies out there that are fabulous but sorry, not this one. I loved the people they casted. Especially Kate Husdon, she played her role fantastically. I wish there was just some more plot twists and whatnot instead of just the basic plot. Overall, I'd give it a three out of five stars because if thats the kind of stuff you like it's a great movie! (:

Monday, May 16, 2011


Boston Rob won Survivor! I am so happy for him! He totally deserved to win since he's been trying so hard to for four seasons! He's pretty much mastered the game. Some people think he was a lying and manipulative person. Don't get me wrong he totally is but thats only in the game. In survivor we don't come and play to make friends we come and play to win. Hurting peoples feelings here and there is what you have to do sometimes. I thought David's speech pretty much summed up Rob's story. Natalie should of said that her strategy was to pick the most powerful person and stay on their good side to ride with them to the end. I mean no one would of voted for her anyways but at least she would have had a better argument with the jury. Philip, well there's not a book out there that could describe him. But, he's crazy could pretty much sum him up. I would leave it at that but just a thought he could of said that he's not really that crazy. In fact that was his plan, to make everyone think he's crazy and hate him so they would take him to the end. Now, I think that would of gotten him a few more votes don't you? Well thats all! (:

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Day 1

So, here I am starting my own blog! (: Go me! Now, Im usually tempted to make up some big story about how I'm the star of the cheerleading team and such. Well, obviously I'm not. But on the other hand I'm not some low life loser who has no friends cause that would suck. For those of you out there who care which I'm sure there are some of you! (: I'm here to share my story. My opinions on the latest do's and don'ts are here too. If you google me there's some girl who is def. trying to hard and a dog that pop up. Ya not me sorry! haha but anyway Kat Graham, one of the stars in Vampire Diaries (She plays Bonnie) was spotted wearing a spiky headband. There were actually spiky things coming out of her headband. Girl, It isn't halloween yet but at least she didn't go full out Gaga right? Thats all for today girls! (: